The official website of Lori Durbin, Musician and Investigative Researcher.

In 2016, my life took an unexpected negative turn as I was faced with life threatening health complications from a medical implant device that made me so sick it nearly cost me my life. I experienced debilitating autoimmune issues and was diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, a rare disease in which I found most physicians I encountered had received little to no training. I left the traditional healthcare system and conducted my own extensive medical research that proved vital to my recovery. I sought treatment from a world expert on the mast cell and learned how things like cell phone radiation, medical implants, and chemicals can affect our immune systems. I successfully figured out how to manage my incurable autoimmune disease and reduce my symptoms by calming and stabilizing the mast cells throughout my body.

In 2020, I sought the help of a shaman healer and began my natural healing journey. I received the S.E.A.L. of the Living Light and became a Huna, Huna Ka Wa Tor. I am now focused on raising my frequency and vibrations and healing others through my music and research. Check out my blog for the latest articles and resources on the truth about science, healthcare and historical people and events.