Belle Marisse & The Golden Fleece Project

I am Huna KaWaTor, Quantum Healer and Founder of Belle Marisse, LLC. Belle Marisse is a quantum energy healing services company dedicated to anchoring the new light into Planet Matea, raising her vibrations and frequency. We offer Lemurian based quantum energy healing services, including Piano Therapy, Wellness coaching, and Home, Office, and Land Energetic Clearings.

We follow the ancient Lemurian Operating System. Before Atlantis, there was Lemuria. Let us all now return to the place of undistorted light, NIMARANA.

A portion of all our proceeds go to help fund our nonprofit humanitarian organization: The Golden Fleece Project.

The Golden Fleece Project is a nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to some of the world's most harrowing crises. We are currently focused on providing relief in the following areas: animal abuse and cruelty and the development of watchdog medical science labs. You can make a donation in our store or by clicking on the following link:


For questions, please email us at info@bellemarisse.earth. Thank you for visiting our site, and have a blessed day.