Our Story

Belle Marisse & The Golden Fleece Project

Belle Marisse, LLC was founded in 2014 as an online luxury designer bag company. This year we have taken Belle Marisse into a new direction, and we are donating all proceeds from our remaining inventory to our new humanitarian organization, The Golden Fleece Project.

Belle Marisse's new and improved platform includes Quantum Energy Healing, Piano Therapy, Wellness Coaching, and Home and Office Clearing sessions by Quantum Energy Healer Huna Ka Wa Tor. A portion of all proceeds go to fund The Golden Fleece Project and its humanitarian missions.

The Golden Fleece Project is a nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to some of the world's most harrowing crises. We are currently focused on providing relief in the following areas: animal abuse and cruelty, human trafficking survivors' healing & recovery, healthcare reform, and renewable energy. You can make a donation in our store or by clicking on the following link: